A Healthier Happier Me

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Our Mission

To improve the physical and emotional health and well-being of youth and young adults in marginalized communities.

Our Vision

A world where health and happiness are realities for all, no matter where they’re from.

Our Impact





What We Offer

We don’t do boring lectures. We create engaging educational experiences that tackle vital topics in unconventional, memorable ways. Our programs are designed to deliver knowledge with a playful or inspiring twist.

AGES 4-12

For Ages 4-12:

Germ-Busting: The Art of Proper Handwashing
Children learn the importance of proper handwashing techniques to maintain good hygiene and reduce the spread of germs.
Playful Fitness: Exploring Fun Workouts
Kids engage in fun exercise options, such as a dancing station and an obstacle course, encouraging physical activity and raising their heart rates while having a great time.
Contagion Control: The Art of Cold Etiquette
Participants learn how to maintain good hygiene when they have a cold, covering proper ways to blow their nose and cough to minimize the spread of germs.
Pages of Healing: The Magic of Journaling
This activity introduces children to the benefits of journaling, encouraging them to express their thoughts and feelings through writing.

AGES 13-17

For Ages 13-17:

Cracking the Sugar Code: Understanding Hidden Sweeteners
Students gain insight into the various terms used on food labels to represent sugar content, estimate sugar levels in different products, and see visual representations of sugar quantities.
Peril in Puffs: Understanding Smoking and Vaping Dangers
A hands-on experiment allows participants to witness the immediate lung damage caused by smoking, underscoring the risks associated with tobacco use.
Eating Wellness: Recognizing and Treating Eating Disorders
This activity involves open discussions about the dangers of bulimia and anorexia, promoting awareness and understanding of eating disorders.
Zen Zone: Exploring the Benefits of Meditation
Teens are introduced to the concept of meditation and its potential benefits for stress reduction and overall well-being.

AGES 18-25

For Ages 18-25:

Unlocking Sexual Wellness: An Exploration into Sexually Transmitted Infections and Safe Sexual Practices
This interactive session explores various aspects of safe sexual practices. From an icebreaker that illustrates just how rapidly sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can spread to an STI quiz bowl that focuses on need-to-know STI facts, participants walk away with all the information they need to make well-informed decisions about safe sex.
Healthy Choices, Healthy Love: Confronting Relationship Abuse
This candid discussion sheds light on both physical and emotional abuse in relationships, aiming to empower young adults with the knowledge to recognize and respond to abuse.
Nutrition on a Budget: Eating Well for Less
Food stations offer practical guidance on how to make healthy meal choices without straining your wallet or torturing your taste buds.
Mind Matters: Navigating Depression and Anxiety
Participants learn to identify, address, and seek support for common mental health concerns like depression and anxiety.
Resilience in Adulthood: Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
We discuss the importance of confronting and addressing the long-term ramifications of potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood.

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"I used to run only if I was being chased. And I used to think that kale was the enemy. Thanks to encouragement from A Healthier, Happier Me, I'm jogging for fun and loving it, and I actually have some kale recipes that I like (gasp!). Kudos! 😄🏃‍♂️🙌”

Anna G.

"I've been a beneficiary of this nonprofit's programs. They've given me the tools and knowledge to lead a healthier life."

Lisa W.

"AHHM’s commitment to promoting healthier living is commendable. Their initiatives have made a real difference, and I'm excited to see them continue to grow."

Daniel S.

"This nonprofit's dedication to providing accurate and reliable health information is so important in today's world. I've learned so much from them."

Carlos R.

“The work of this nonprofit has made a profound impact on our community. Their dedication to improving health access and education is inspiring, and I'm proud to be a supporter."

Gina P.

"I've been a part of this nonprofit's initiatives, and the support and resources they provide are invaluable. They truly care about health."

Marie C.

"This nonprofit goes above and beyond to create a healthier world. Their impact reaches far and wide, and I'm proud to support them."

Chris D.
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